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North Port Microblading Expert: Brows Design

Updated: Jan 30

Did you survive the era of over-plucked eyebrows unscathed? I wasn't one of the lucky ones. I plucked my eyebrows to oblivion, leaving me with sparse eyebrows that needed to be penciled in.

I don't wear a lot of makeup, so I found it tedious to fill in my eyerbows any time I wanted to leave the house. Quite frankly, I looked weird if I didn't! After all, eyebrows are the frame of your face.

As fate would have it, Daniela walked in to my life. Her eyebrows were flawless, and she told me how she saves eyebrows at her business, Brows Design. Ok, I had to know more.

Daniela has always had a love for beauty and wanted a way to express it. She learned the art of eyebrows from the famous Phi Academy. The community loves her! Within six months of opening her doors for business in North Port, she was able to go full time.

Deciding Between Microblading, Powder Brow, Microshading

Daniela offers semi-permanent eyebrow makeup which is tattooed in to the top layer of skin. Not every method of brow design is right for every person, so Daniela helped me to make an informed decision based upon my needs.


This is the most popular method, and lasts for twelve to eighteen months. She makes individual strokes which mimic the appearance of natural hair growth. To be a candidate for this there must be hairs present so that the tattooed portion blends in with the real hair. The person must also have a normal skin without any skin conditions.

Ok, microblading wasn't for me because I have oily skin. I had two other options.


Micorshading is a combination between microblading and powder brows. It uses a mix of hair strokes and shading to create full and defined eyebrows. This method lasts longer than microblading, averaging 1.5-2.5 years before a touchup is needed.

Powder Brow

I ultimately went with powder brows. It is suitable for oily skin and creates an ombre look on the eyebrows by starting lighter and getting darker at the tails. It is the longest lasting, only needing a touchup between 2-3 years!

I can attest to it's longevity, it's been a whole two years since Daniela did my eyebrows and they're still going strong.

That's me at my recent maternity session, with my brows in all their glory.

How to prepare for your permanent makeup

Daniela really knows her craft. She totally prepared me. Before getting your brows done you should not have botox within two months of the treatment and be off antibiotics for at least two weeks. Sterioids also fade the tattoos, so avoid that!

Right before your treatment you will need to be hydrated. Drink lots of water leading up to your treatment, and avoid caffeine and blood thinners. Skip the gym for a couple of days after and avoid the sun. Sweating and sun exposure are a big no no, your skin needs time to heal.

Your eyebrows will be dark right after treatment. Don't be alarmed, they will fade and settle in to their color within six months. From then on you will enjoy maintenance free eyebrows!

North Port Microblading

Do you need an eyebrow hero? Daniela is available to save the day. Her office is located in North Port, FL and she's available Tuesday-Saturday, by appointment only. Head over to her website Brows Design and tell her Courtney sent you!

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