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Hey, I'm Courtney!

Are you ready to get butts in seats?

I present to you, THE KRAKEN.

I've put together a simple DIY step-by-step guide for a facebook giveaway ad! It includes:

1. Warm up emails

2. Ad templates

3. A step by step guide on how to create the ad itself

Port Charlotte boudoir photographer
“ Courtney‘s ad template gave me so much hope for getting bookings, everything was digestible and easy to implement. I’ve always been skeptical with ads, especially considering how confusing meta can be, but this was so easy and worked within days! Have your systems and workflows in place and be ready to make some calls and money!!”

Vannity Cellina

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Time to make $$$$


This is a DIY guide. You will be running this yourself, so you can tweak and repeat as many times as you like. Please be familiar with META.

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